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THE LION GROUP LLC (TLG) is a well respected, privately-held, independent small business
that has been providing comprehensive EH&S services to businesses around the world since 1972.  
TLG has focused resources to assist small to large businesses with their EH&S commitments with
concentration on sampling, assessments, compliance, and training services, at a very competitive
cost, and a low overhead while maintaining efficiency, and quality.  TLG is praised by its clients,
associates, and even regulatory agencies as having the most honest, professional, competent
individuals who consistently provide valuable services, with the ability to pinpoint a client's issues
according to their needs, while saving the client time and money.
Creative Design/Adminstrative Services:  TLG is
supported by its own inhouse Creative Design / Administrative
Services Team which allows for a high standard of creativity
combined with proficiency in producing client projects --"Not a
Black & White producing team"--no matter how large or small
the task.  TLG Creative Design team also uses their talents to
create original decorations, gifts, awards, etc., for clients, and the
public, for all types of special functions/occasions like holidays,
birthdays, weddings, showers, company awards/parties, and
many more.
Sampling:  TLG provides comprehensive
sampling services in all medias (such as
water, wastewater, storm water, air, soils).  
TLG is recognized by federal / state / local
regulatory agencies, our clients, and several
analytical laboratories as providing "
" environmental sampling
services.  TLG is an independent sampling
service with fully-trained technicians on all
aspects of sampling technologies and
techniques, which produces representative
and defensible analytical results.
Assessments:  TLG offers a wide variety of
assessment services.
Compliance:  TLG provides varied
compliance services (such as Spill
Prevention, Control and Countermeasure
Plan (SPCC), Storm water Pollution
Prevention Plan (SWP3), Compliance
Responses, Employee Safety Programs,
Tier I & II (federal/state), Air Permitting,
Tank Integrity, Emergency Response
Plans, TCEQ Discharge Monitoring
Reports / Benchmark Monitoring Data
Reports / City Discharge Monitoring
Reports, EPA Discharge Monitoring
Reports, Chemical Inventories,
Hazardous Waste Documentation,
RCRA, TRRP, TCEQ Water Rights, and
much, much more.)
Training:  TLG offers a full spectrum of EH&S training courses which includes but not limited
to:  Employee Safety, First Aid Certification, EH&S Programs, Professional Courses related to
Current EH&S Topics and Changes.  All training is conducted by qualified instructors in
accordance with regulatory requirements as stated by the various federal / state / local regulatory
agencies (e.g., OSHA, EPA, TCEQ, TRRC, etc.).  TLG will conduct courses at a client's choice
Fort Worth, Texas  .  Tele. 817.731.4141 / 4142
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