associates, operate under a professional boundary.  When a
client's needs are not applicable to the services offered by
TLG, it is without hesitation that TLG will refer the client to a
professional resource that is specifically suited in order to
accomplish the client's tasks.  And, TLG never requires a
referral fee from the client.  TLG always encourages inquiries
related to employee safety, health, or environmental issues.

REACTIVE vs PROACTIVE:  A costly regulatory event
is one that is both a surprise and discovered by an
applicable agency.  The event may be a result from a simple
government inspection or an event requiring a full
investigation.  Issues ranging from personal liability, criminal
charges, and enormous financial penalties can occur if any
business ignores a regulation, whether it be intentional, or
because of the lack of professional internal resources to
ensure compliance.  TLG's professional resources possess a
vast knowledge of regulatory issues, and the capability to
devise a sensible plan to address the challenge, can position
a business in a stable and compliant environment.  TLG is
available on a 24-hour / 7 day a week, on an "as needed"
basis, to advise a business of their regulatory status and, if
necessary, devise a proactive plan to address the issues.

SCOPE OF WORK:  The most important aspect that TLG,
and its resources/associates, possess is the ability to identify
the client's specific needs.  An acceptable scope of work
document should be a road map with appropriate
Crossroads and the final end result.  TLG creates the scope
of work and generates an outlined document so that both the
client and TLG are fully informed as to all aspects of a
project.  These aspects include ranges in time estimates,
support resource costs, and the final expected result.  
Generally, the initial scope of work document is designed
and authored by TLG at no charge to the client.

CONTRACT / AGREEMENT:  TLG recognizes a legal
and binding document, between the client and TLG, of which
engages TLG with the client's authorization to provide
services, in the form of a signed proposal agreement /
contract, either generated by the client or TLG, or a client
generated purchase order, or an agreed monthly / yearly
SYNOPSIS:  A consortium of resources achieves the
client's desired goals, under the direction of TLG.  This
management methodology allows a very focused approach
to any specific regulatory challenge.  Expert resources are
specifically selected in accordance with what is required for
and by the client.  TLG eliminates non value-added costs.

COST SENSITIVE:  Today's businesses are faced with
attempting to continue operating at a profitable level while
conforming to costly regulatory compliance issues.  TLG is
acutely aware of this dilemma, and is commited to the
management philosophy of providing a customized program
that specifically addresses the client's compliance needs,
resulting in reasonable cost levels.

CROSSROADS:  To identify the client's specific needs,
TLG uses a project management tool concept "Crossroads".  
Crossroads meetings allow the client to measure progress,
appraise costs, and make decisions on next steps.  
Dependent on circumstances, projects may require varying

The initial Crossroads meeting advises the client of various
routes for addressing regulatory needs or challenges.  
Generally, the initial Crossroads meeting is no cost to the
client.  The second Crossroads meeting presents the client
with a project plan and various recommended paths.  TLG,
and the client, review the recommendations, discuss the
scope of work and estimate costs for the identified next

CONFIDENTIALITY:  TLG, and its associates, practice
high levels of confidentiality when undertaking any client

INTEGRITY:  The success of TLG has been built on a
foundation of integrity.  Under no circumstances will TLG, or
its associates, compromise this integrity, or its reputation, by
knowingly circumventing the requirements of a client or the
governmental agencies with which it interacts.

STRATEGIC APPROACH:  TLG, and its resources /
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