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REGULATORY Services - Professionals who specialize in
assisting a variety of businesses with comprehensive Environmental,
Employee Health & Safety services.  
Some of TLG's clients include
businesses related to energy production, midstream and distribution,
metal fabrication and finishing, food products and beverages,
construction, mining, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and specialized
waste treatment.  TLG provides a wide range of regulatory services
from compliance issues that deal with mandatory requirements such as
Stormwater Pollution Prevention (SWP3) / Spill Prevention Control and
Countermeasure (SPCC) plans, Submissions, EH&S Programs,
Permits, GAP assessments, Formal Audits, complex compliance issues
such as responding to Notices of Violations / Citations, to problem
solving of manufacturing processes.  TLG is experienced in dealing
with federal, state, local, municipality agencies around the globe.  
TLG's Regulatory services division is also complimented by the TLG
Industrial / Energy Sampling Technologies division.  
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INDUSTRIAL / ENERGY SAMPLING TECHNOLOGIES Services -  A leader in the industry,
trained / experienced technicians provide
sampling services in the categories of air, soil-solids, liquids - water -
wastewater - stormwater
, and other materials, as well as process or waste stream monitoring including, but not limited
to, pH monitoring, automated bacteria sampling, and flow monitoring.  TLG conducts and provides a very competitive cost
and comprehensive systems as required by applicable regulations.  For example, TLG offers a comprehensive stormwater
service:  includes installation of a stormwater sampling system, if needed-automated rain gauge system, collection of  
quarterly rainfall stormwater event samples and documentation of visuals/preparation of samples/documentation and
delivery to selected laboratory for analytical results, provide client with quarterly stormwater rainfall data report/
Visuals-Analytical Data Reports, TLG completes client's Annual Discharge Monitoring Report, and/or any required City
Reports.  TLG Sampling Technologies Team has extensive experience providing representative and defensible services
for both private industry and regulatory agencies.  A complete and detailed documentation package is generated for every
sampling event and site.  Proper protocol methods are detailed as well as any field analysis.  All sampling is conducted by
certified sampling technicians who have a wide range of experiences and training.  TLG provides the sampling service and
personally prepares the samples with the proper and recognized protocols for delivery to client's selected laboratory for
analytical results.  

Energy related sampling includes air, liquids, soils and site assessments documenting the state of compliance and
maintenance at pad sites as well as tank batteries. Sampling on well sites is recommended pre, during operational and
post operational occasions as well as after changes or maintenance operations to establish well impacts on a site or lease

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ENERGY - Provide various regulatory
sampling and EH&S supporting services for a
number of clients engaged in energy exploration,
production, and midstream sectors.  TLG is
providing client requested services on a more
intense level due to growing regulatory
pressures currently promulgated by the federal,
state, and municipal agencies in relation to oil
and natural gas production industries.  Some of
the services provided, but not limited to, are:
- Point Source/Site/Perimeter/Fugitive
Liquid Sampling - Condensate /
Produced Water / Production related
Fluids/Liquid Hazardous Wastes,  
- Soils, Wastes, Solid Hazardous
Stormwater Sampling - Rainfall
Discharge Sampling, Rain Gauge Data Retention
/ Downloads, Discharge Monitoring Report
(DMR) for Submission,
Conduct required
CONSTRUCTION / CONTRACTOR - Provide comprehensive, focused, and specialized EH&S programs
PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION - TLG Institute of Professional Education offers an EH&S training venue
that provides a comprehensive training course selection for businesses and professional groups. Each course is
instructed by professionals who have actual in-the-field / on-the-job experience with a history of impeccable

credentials.  TLG can conduct these training courses to a group and held at the location/venue of your choice.  
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for new construction and/or expansion projects, developed to provide the required regulatory procedures in
accordance to a company's business trades.  As well as, providing the required regulatory procedures of General
Contractors who engage various Subcontractors for projects, and for the Subcontractors who are required to
maintain these types of programs.  TLG also offers a Service Contractor program for companies for their respective
service contractors.
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Provide EH&S speciality services.  Professional Engineer  
resources for in-system designing, process improvements,  
proactive services related to manufacturing changes, expansions,  
and required PE stamp certification of EH&S programs.
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Some of the modules of the programs include Contractor /
Employee - Subcontractor - Client Expectations, Job
Assessments, Inspection Reports, Accident Reports,
Training, and a number of other program modules. The
customized programs and training are available in various
Site Inspections and Recording Specific Conditions and Providing Documented Findings,  Site Reviews, Spill
Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Assessments / SPCC Plans
, permitting, and employee training
on related issues
.  TLG can provide comprehensive services or augment client internal resources at a very competitive
price. TLG has the most experienced in-the-field  technicians and advanced technology devices to address current
regulatory requirements, as well as those being proposed on a number of federal, state, and municipal levels.  
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